There is often a very autobiographical theme in my work.

A bit about me

Some of my earlies memories are centred around being taught to knit, by candlelight, during the 1970’s power cuts. I was strongly influence by the creativeness I saw around me and as a child I was always making, sewing and drawing. Even now I always have some kind of handmade project waiting to be picked up at the end of the day. Creativity was always part of my life until as a mature student, I was lucky enough to study art finally passing a Drawing and Applied Arts Degree with a First-Class Honours.

My degree work was very concept led and usually involved me learning new skills in order to deliver a message or meaning. Often the work was autobiographical and tackled some difficult experiences in my life. Although successful, leading to exhibitions in London and being represented by a gallery in Manchester, the work involved soul searching and was often a painful process. (Photo of wishbones?)

During a difficult phase, I spent some time in a friend’s studio where, under her guidance, I experimented with painting. My friend, Lynne Holehouse, is an amazing artist and business woman and who I want to be when I grow up. The intense pleasure these few days gave me was a revelation. Combining the choice of colour, texture and subject with the fresh skills she taught me opened a whole new world.

Most of my works are based on landscapes in an impressionistic rather than representational way. I am interested in the sky, sea and shoreline and the colours where they meet. I love the landscapes of Cornwall and I use acrylic paints, metal leaf and glitter to create works with vitality and expression. I work on canvas, wood and slate as each surface brings something different to the colour and texture of the paint and changes the atmosphere of the painting.

I have developed a range of prints of my work on traditional paper and recently on aluminium. I like the idea that the aluminium works can be displayed outside to create new landscapes. I am always excited by new techniques, materials and subjects and I think experimentation keeps my interest alive. There is a very simple pleasure in making an artwork which pleases and which people see joy and energy and with which they would choose to live.

I am always happy to work in a more bespoke way and would be pleased to discuss commissioned work.

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